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Training Unleashed!!

Two Shields Dog Training Academy and Boarding Facility



At Two Shields, LLC we want you to experience the joy of owning an obedient dog the ENTIRE family will enjoy!

At Two Shields Dog Training Academy and Boarding Facility LLC, we understand the love and bond between you and your pet. And, we also understand the frustration that can come with disobedient dog manners (even when it’s occasionally funny). You say “here” or “come” and your dog looks at you bewildered and runs away. You say “sit” and your dog thinks, “where’s my treat?” They are cute but often times frustrating.

Dog’s naturally do what is in their best interest, but your dog also wants to please you. With the right training, your obedient dog is a happier dog. And, as the owner of a trained, obedient dog, you and your family are happier too!!

Two Shields, LLC does not believe in one size fits all training methods. Instead, we customize training to fit you, your schedule and your dog's specific needs.

Call Two Shields Dog Training Academy and Boarding Facility, LLC for a free Behavior Evaluation and Consultation today.

And, yes, we train All Breeds!