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Training Unleashed!!

Two Shields Dog Training Academy and Boarding Facility

Bringing a dog into your family pack structure should not be a light hearted decision. Dog's are fun and can be a true blessing to anyone, but taking some time to find the right dog for you and your family is wise. Before you adopt a dog you should ask yourself a few things:

  • How much will I be spending? Yes, some dogs are more expensive then others....medical care...grooming nutrition, make sure you know your limit prior to adopting any pet.
  • Is this the right time to get a dog? Bringing home a new dog can be time consuming as you properly adjust your new dog into your pack structure. Busy times of the year like holidays, high travel times and even your child's sports season all may be difficult times to properly introduce your dog to the family dinamics.
  • What kind of dog should I get, puppy or adult, big or small? Only you know the right answer to this question, but here are some things to think about. Do not pick a dog: on popular designer trends, because they are "so cute", because you feel sorry for the dog, or because of pressure from your children. Research breeds!!! Some breeds need a lot of exercise, some breeds are better with children, and some breeds make excellent home protection dogs. Be realistic with what you want out of a dog and what your family can handle. 

The following dogs are up for adoption, please contact us if you would like more information: