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Training Unleashed!!

Two Shields Dog Training Academy and Boarding Facility

A reward to your dog is as gratifying as your paycheck is to you. You are your dog's master, and you must ensure that your dog is paid on time and in the correct amount for the work done.

Let Two Shields help you make training fun and successful for both you and your dog!

Imagine going to a foreign country and not taking a translator so you can communicate with the locals. Would you know how to order food, find a place to sleep or know where the restrooms are located?? Sound frustrating?? Well, your dog may be frustrated

every time you you ask him or her to do something. After training at Two Shields Dog Training Academy, we not only translate for you both, but we teach you how to communicate. We guide you to understanding why your dog is acting the way he/she is, and we also help your dog understand how you want him/her to behave. You and your dog will not only understand each other, but in a way, you will now speak the same language. 

Your dog will learn:

Advanced On Leash Obedience

Advanced Off Leash Obedience





Place Command

Walking on Loose Leash







Sitting In and Out of Doorways

And much much more!!

You will Learn:

Corrective measures for behavior problems

How to read your dog

How to properly reinforce your dogs commands

while at home, vet office, park, etc.

The importance of Timing,Consistency and Reinforcement

Proper use of training equipment (leash and collar)

Proper Socialization